Thursday, February 4, 2010

A message from August Dog Rescue

Team, as always, you did it!!  

We just finished going through the emails and donations ..... counting all of the pledges as well as donations currently received, we have reached the $1000 challenge goal in one afternoon - a true miracle and testament to how awesomely caring all of you are! 

Many thanks to American Dog Rescue ( for providing the $1000 challenge grant and making this special challenge, and achievement of paying the medical bills for the Carrollton Six, possible!  

We’ll continue working hard to honor your support and confidence by taking excellent care of these precious dogs, getting them rehabilitated and into great homes. 

Bella, Duckie, Skim, Dude, Dulce, and Cooper thank you for caring about them and helping to make their rescue possible!!

Have the very best of weekends, and thank you again!


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