Monday, August 31, 2009

This gal needs a home

We thought this gal was lost but no one has claimed her at the Denton Animal Shelter. If you know anyone interested in a 6-8 year old female, please contact Amy at

Dallas Foundation donates $5000 to Arlington Animal Shelter

The Arlington Animal Services Center received a $5,000 donation for pet food. The donation was made by the John Murrell Foundation of Dallas. The donation will be used to purchase quality pet food. The cost to feed Arlington’s sheltered animals is about $400 per week.

The $5,000 donation was in response to the shelter’s public request for special food donations. According to advertisements, the homeless hounds at Arlington Animal Services are on a special diet to help keep them as healthy as possible. Donations are down and help is needed.

The Animal Services Center is located at 1000 S.E. Green Oaks Boulevard in south Arlington. To learn more about Arlington Animal Services, visit For more information about donations, call 817-459-5898 or e-mail

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another lost husky in Denton

Friday afternoon a new husky female arrived at Denton Animal Shelter. She is a real sweetheart according to volunteers. She appears to be a senior and has a fairly recent shave on one side indicating she may have recently seen a vet for ultrasound, lung tap or some other problem. If you recognize this gal, and know her parents, please let them know she is at the Denton Shelter. We sure hope someone comes looking for this doll!

Contact information:

City of Denton Animal Shelter
300 S Woodrow Lane
Denton, TX

Please email Amy with any questions at anytime, or call the shelter during 10am to 5pm Monday through Saturday.
PHONE: 940-349-7594

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Tails, Baxter

You remember Baxter? He was dropped off at the Coppell Animal Shelter. Baxter's owner of nine years was moving and said, just go ahead and euthanize him. Well, thankfully the kind folks at the shelter decided to give Baxter a chance. He quickly became a shelter favorite, and even earned the right to visit with them in their offices. Several weeks went by, and Tara popped up with an application for one of the dogs at Fur the Animals. However, after visiting with Tara it became apparent that she and Baxter were meant for each other. Tara, immediately popped in her car and visited Baxter. Well now look at them! Within less than a week, Tara and Baxter look as if they've been together forever.

Tara, we are so glad Baxter is with you. Thanks for saving such a wonderful boy. And thank you for sharing pictures. We love happy tails!

We're lost and sitting at Denton (UPDATE--FOUND)

8/29/09 Update: We've been reclaimed by our owner. Hooray!!!

If you know who owns these beauties, please give them a shout. These darling dogs just landed at the Denton Animal Shelter. This pair has matching collars, and seem to know each other well. We sure hope their parents show up soon. Otherwise, we'll pray for an adopter to take both of them. We just can't imagine splitting up a team.

ALASKA, M, Siberian Husky, Pet ID: 42298
SOPHIE, F, Siberian Husky, Pet ID: 42299

AWESOME HUSKIES! These beautiful dogs - Alaska and Sophie were found out and about together. They appear to be about 3 years old and are super sweet and very gentle. They love other dogs and people! Both such great dogs. If their owners do not come for them, they will become available for adoption on Monday, the 31st at 1pm. Please help.

City of Denton Animal Shelter
300 S Woodrow Lane
Denton, TX

Please email Amy with any questions at anytime, or call the shelter during 10am to 5pm Monday through Saturday.
PHONE: 940-349-7594

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Tails - Trinity

Trinity has come out of two families who didn't deserve her and has finally found her forever family with a wonderful couple and their black lab Jerry. For the first time, Trinity is experiencing stability & love.

Thanks to Nancy Underwood's rescue I think Trinity is happy in her new home, what do you think? :-)

New Available Pups

Abby is a new pup in rescue. She's a 5 month old lab/border collie mix. We're just getting her vetted, and learning more about her. She's already winning our hearts, and seems to be fine with cats. Contact LK at Fur the Animals about Abby: 214-415-9522
This red husky pup is in the Garland shelter. She becomes available on August 29. From what I hear, she's quite the kisser and loves tummy rubs. Contact Sandy about this sweetie:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top 10 Pet-Safe Vehicles

I saw this article and found it interesting. My pets manage to stay safe in our SUV, which isn't on the list. To be honest, I'd like to see a list of the Top 10 Fur-Resistant Vehicles. I mean, look at this safe (but unhappy) pup in her seatbelt surrounded by too much fur!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Whew! A Second Chance!

Remember this guy?
Whew….this little boy barely kept his life today, but his time is still not guaranteed!

Please keep posting and forwarding this 4 year old owner surrender. We've had two volunteers go love on him and play with him. They both report he is a sweet boy. He's thin and deserves a good home. MANY thanks to Susan at Arlington Shelter for seeing what a great boy he is and moving him into the adoption area.

Please don't think that just because he's up front he'll get adopted. There are several dogs up front who have exceeded their time, and will be killed.

At four years young, this boy has a long life ahead of him, and is past the wild child years that we have all experienced.

AAS is a great shelter to adopt from. A dog with core vaccinations, rabies, heartworm test and spay/neuter is around $81. Great bargain!!!

For questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.



Splish, Splash, When Should My Dog Take a Bath?

If your pup is like mine, baths are not their favorite thing to do. In fact, one of my pups won't step one paw into the bathroom after he had to take a bath in the shower! We have found a local dog wash that works wonders on our pups. We go in, do all the work to give the dogs their baths, but when we leave, we also leave the mess. What a deal!

Even if you have a good strategy for how to bathe your dog, that still leaves the question of when. Check out this article for some suggestions.

How Often Should I Bathe My Pet?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Volunteer of the Week - Nancy

Over the summer, since June, Nancy has worked with a network of animal rescuers to save over 50 dogs! That's an amazing accomplishment and for that, we want to give a big high-5 to her (or high-4, if you don't have dew claws).

Nancy works tirelessly to place her extended pack members in furever homes filled with love, patience and respect for our four legged friends. Nancy does everything she can to make sure the next home her dogs receive is truly forever.

And, Nancy has done all of this without even a website. Her emails showcasing each foster dog are descriptive and inspiring. To find out more contact Nancy at

Here are a few pictures of some of the dogs saved over the summer.Skippy - now Sammie

Lolly - now Landry

Archie with his new family

Capullo - now Capote

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming Soon...

Are you prepared? They lure you in with that cute face, but we all know what comes next!

Well, for those of you who still can't believe you can find GREAT dogs at shelters, check out this tiny ball of fur. He was in a local shelter. His owner was contacted, and wasn't interested in coming to get him. This guy is really young, and after 7 days at a shelter, we are hoping he will stay in good health. Please keep him in your prayers this week. He had his first set of shots Friday, and is safe in foster care. The shelter is no place for a baby with no immune system yet.

No need to wait for this guy though. Arlington Animal Services has a BEAUTIFUL 4 year old adult male husky (see post below) that may not be with us past Monday or Tuesday. Arlington is doing EVERYTHING to move dogs to safety. We continue to support all their efforts. They have a vet on staff to spay/neuter so no dogs leave in tact! These days people are dropping dogs at the shelters in droves. It's up to you, animal lovers, to open your home to one more family member. You may not be in the market, but the dogs REALLY need you. How much effort is one more dog or cat? Every day I am looking at lists that will break your heart.

If Aussie Sheps are more your thing, check out Weatherford (also a male Lhasa there).

Denton, is an outstanding shelter that had ZERO adoptions on Friday, and we're hoping Saturday was much better. They have several highly adoptable dogs that you will fall in love with including two lhasas and a great pyr.

Please spend some time this coming week encouraging your friends to adopt dogs from the shelters.

If you have a friend looking for a particular dog, let us know. I will be happy to guide people to rescues and shelters for the dog they seek.

Thank you.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shelter Dogs - Update

On Wednesday we posted about some available dogs in local shelters. Here are some updated pictures of the husky at the Arlington shelter.

Remember, his animal ID is A08263606. This four year old owner surrender didn't make it out this weekend. He's almost out of time. Someone could sponsor his neuter and that might buy him another week or two.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Can I afford it?

I enjoy watching the Suze Orman show every Saturday night. My favorite segment of her show is when people call in, tell Suze what they want to buy, then she asks them some questions about their finances and tells them if they can afford to make the purchase. That seems easy enough when it's a one-time purchase like a new TV or vacation, but what about a pet? Sure, there's the upfront cost of adopting the pet, but how do you accurately quantify the on-going costs like food, vet care, and heartworm preventative? I found this article today that I think may help answer that question.

Article link: How much is that doggie in the window?

Of course, your results may vary. Do you have some tips for how to make dog ownership more affordable, especially in these economic times? If so, leave a comment on this post.

And, before throwing in the towel, remember you can save money by spending more time with your pets and your friends who have pets. Looking for something relaxing to do instead of enjoying a $4 cup of coffee? How about taking your dog for a walk? What is better than snuggling up and watching a good movie or reading a good book with your cat? Get your friends and take the dogs to the park (bring coffee from home, and not Starbucks). Have your friends come over and y'all can cook in and the dogs can play! That beats the price of drinks, dinner and a movie out.

Nacogdoches shelter needs food after raid

Recently the Nacagdoches shelter population increased by 139 animals after a single raid. Read the story here. The shelter is now in need of food for all the animals. The dogs go through over 100 pounds of food per day.

The shelter has made a deal with Lone Star Feeds. Here's the deal:

Lone Star Feeds here in town has agreed to take credit card donations over the phone for the
Nacogdoches dogs. Because the area the dogs came from is called Kingstown, we set it up in an account called Kingstown dogs. Lone Star's phone number is 936 560 8275 and ask for Linda.

Please support these puppy mill raids as much as your budget allows. We know everyone is asking and everyone is hurting. Even if you give $5 to $10 you are making a big difference!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Spay/Neuter

Here's a quiz for you:

1. Live in Arlington?

2. Own a pit bull?

3. Need a spay or neuter?

4. Like to save money?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, have we got a deal for you! (Be honest, you feel like you're in a game show, right?) Arlington is accepting appointments for the free spay/neuter program. Check it out.

Rome has gone to the dogs


We posted last week about how to keep your dog cool in the summer heat. Italians in Rome have even other ideas and have opened a doggie beach!

In Rome, summer has gone to the dogs

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Available shelter dogs

Several dogs have popped up in local shelters this week. If you know anyone needing a pup, check out these options.

Husky/GSD in Denton:
This boy is good with other dogs, calm, quiet and sweet. Probably about 2 years old. A fully vetted dog adoption from Denton is $120, a bargain for a new family member. Contact Amy at
Falcon came into rescue when he was very underweight, had a horrible ear infection, and a coat in terrible shape.
Now he's looking much better and also looking for a new home.
Adopt a Husky is looking after this Husky, but needs a foster or forever home for him soon. This boy has lots of love to give his humans despite a shady past. He is a normal, happy, playful boy. He's good with other playful dogs and older children and adults. Mr. Falcon does like to have his own way, but then again who doesn't? House trained, up to date on shots and loving a leash are just a few reasons to come meet Falcon. Who can resist that white mask and bi-eyes! Please help Falcon find his forever home. Contact Adopt a Husky of Dallas at

This darling gal is at the Arlington Animal Shelter. She is about 45 pounds and has big brown eyes. Her animal ID at the shelter is A08250131.

Also at Arlington Animal Shelter, this happy boy is also available. His animal ID is A08263606.

Tips for Pet Photography

If you love your pet, chances are you also have tons of pictures of him/her and are always trying to find that elusive "best shot" of your pet. We found this article recently with tips on improving your pet photography.

Two pups need a home

These two pups need a new home as their owner is no longer able to keep them due to economic reasons.

Buddy is a mixed breed but of what I'm not sure. He is about 5 to 6 years old. Good with other dogs and kids. He is a good watch dog and has been through obedience training and is up-to-date on shots and heartworm preventative.

Molly is a lab mix that is approximately 5 to 6 years old as well. She is also good with kids and other dogs.
If interested, please contact J. Robertson at 214-535-2154.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Tails - Molley

Molley was recently adopted from the Arlington Animal Shelter. She's now part of her new family, complete with her new furry sister Skylar.
She is a lovey dovey girl and has been taking full advantage of her new swimming pool as a way to beat the Texas heat.

Another great happy ending!

Arlington Animals Need $2,000 for Food

Arlington feeds everyone the same quality food, and needs your donations through September 30. The food budget was blown 2 months ago because they are trying NOT to kill animals. The number of animals has skyrocketed! So saving the animals means more food!!!! Here's the note directly from the shelter.

We have lots of hungry hounds here at the Arlington Animal Services Center, and they are all on a special diet designed to keep shelter animals as healthy as possible.
Our food donations are down and we still have a lot of hungry little muzzles to feed.
If you would like to help, please contact Nature's Select Pet Food of Ft Worth below:
They will turn any donations into as much dog or cat food as possible under special "Shelter Rates", plus they will deliver it right to the Animal Services Center for you at no additional charge.
You can call 817-491-7224 or email and let them know that you would like to make a donation to Arlington Animal Services. Or, if you live in the Tarrant County or surrounding area, you can go online to their secure website and make a donation.
On the right choose "Online Order" and create an account. Once your account is created, choose the tab that says "Donations" to the far right side of the top bar. From there choose Arlington Animal Services and choose any increment of donation. If you experience any difficulties, call or email them. They will be happy to help you!
And our little ones appreciate it, too!
Thanks for caring about homeless animals!

P.S. If donating on-line, make sure you use a Fort Worth or Arlington zip code when you sign in so you get the right pet food delivery group. You can use 76262. And, make sure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser when donating. The program doesn't seem to appreciate Firefox. Finally, your invoice will have tax on it, but when the credit card goes through, they fix that problem with their system. It's a canned food sales software, so they manually deduct the tax.

Great news (adoptions)

Great news sibe fans. Both the male and female huskies from Arlington Animal Services have been adopted. If you are interested in 5 month white pups or a white female, please see Fort Worth Animal Services, or contact Fur the Animals for more details.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vladamir - Now a North Texas Resident

Meet Vladamir, or Vlad to his friends.
Vlad was dumped by his owners in Houston. Luckily a nice vet there took him in and treated his heartworms. Now he's as good as new and living in a foster home in DFW.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Vlad, contact Adopt a Husky of Dallas. (Link on our sidebar).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

Now that it's August, the Dog Days of Summer have officially begun. This short article has some great tips for keeping your pup safe, cool, and still having fun during the hot days ahead!

10 Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pets with disabilities

We recently heard about a great organization in Maryland, Pets With Disabilities, which helps pets with disabilities find new homes. They currently have a cute Siberian Husky mix who's deaf and looking for a home in the Maryland area. We certainly home Skye finds a home soon. Check out their website to read some great success stories from a very unique animal rescue!

Grassroots victory in Taylor

A successful email campaign to the police chief successfully ended the use of a gas chamber for the city's animal shelter. Way to go!

Read the story here.

Baxter needs your help

Meet Baxter.
Baxter is currently at the Coppell shelter, looking for a new home. Everyone at the shelter loves him, as he's sweet and plays well with the other dogs. He's neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations. He is about nine years old.

If you're interested in Baxter, please call Margaret at the Coppell Animal Shelter at 972-304-3515.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Huskies at Arlington Animal Shelter need your help!

These two pups are at the Arlington Animal Shelter and looking for homes no later than Saturday for the gal and Monday for the male.
Above is a male with blue eyes. ID# 8218094, DH116

Below is a female, also with blue eyes, who weighs in at 47 pounds. ID# 8211551, DH402
If you can help either pups, please visit the Arlington Animal Shelter or give them a call at 817-459-5898. If you need help, please let us know!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Tails - Conan!

Conan, dumped at the shelter at 10 years of age, was rescued by a group of husky rescuers. Thanks to Kelli, Shelley and Janet, Conan is safe. Remarkably, within a short period of time, Conan's forever family found him and drove several hundred miles with their 9 year old chocolate lab to add Conan to their pack. See Conan in his new home. He really has settled in nicely with his new family. They think he's a perfect addition!