Friday, May 28, 2010

Siberian Husky--Carrollton UPDATE

Adopted 5/28/10. Thank you Tim for the update!

Available Tuesday and Wednesday only!

Kishkan, an owner surrender landed in Carrollton jail, and needs by close of business Wednesday. Kishkan is a sweet fellow between 2 and 4 years of age. You can find both on Carrollton's Petfinder site.

The shelter will reopen Tuesday. Next EU is Thursday at the shelter opening. Remember the ACO here, Joe S., does so much to get his animals out alive, but they are a small shelter. We need to find these guys homes immediately. Let everyone know!

Joe's em: Shelter's phone: 972-466-3420

Thank you, Walgreens

On Thursday Walgreens Distribution Center south of Dallas contacted a local rescue representative and donated several pallets of cat food. Gayle Justice is redistributing that cat food to folks in the DFW area today who are actively saving cats. If you need food, let Gayle know immediately. The list of recipients is growing rapidly.

Thank you Gayle for doing the heavy lifting (figuratively and literally) on this project, and for making sure everyone in need gets some of the food.

And for everyone else, please spread the word to thank Walgreens by supporting them in your drug store purchases.

Finally, if you would like to tell Walgreens how wonderful it is that they are supporting grass roots efforts with making cat food available to all the groups who are involved daily in the care, maintenance, and rehoming of cats, check out the contact us on their website:

German Shepherd: One Saved & Another in Need

Another wonderful GSD from Arlington Animal Services has made his way into a great home. Some of you may remember Barnaby. Sweet guy that Friends of Arlington Animal Services helped get to safety and all the way up to Wisconsin where a kind GSD rescue took him in.

Here's what the rescue organization has to say about Barnaby's new home:

He has a great home with a couple (husband and wife) who are dog trainers....

Barn's family includes a sweet little 4 yr old pitbull mix dog (female) named Cookie - exceptionally well trained and behaved! Barn will have his work cut out for him!

The family also has 2 children - a boy, age 5 and girl, age 3. The parents report that Barn has been very sweet to them (as I would have expected).

The family lives in a lovely home in Williams Bay, WI, which is a serene little lakeside hamlet that has become popular as a resort town with affluent Chicagoans.

The adopters *discovered* Barnaby during a pet expo in which we both had exhibitor booths directly opposite one another. Barnaby was our *meet and greeter* that day, and the adopters were very taken with him and how well he held up to all the public attention.

Thanks to Wag Times in Arlington, FAAS, Helen, Dianne, Christine and countless others who got Barnaby to safety. And a big thanks to the adopters and to

Sue at
Rescue A German Shepherd
German Shepherd Rescue Volunteer
Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Great job Sue!

And if you are looking to adopt a GSD in the DFW area, check out Good Shepherd Rescue at

OR Look up this GSD mix male available NOW at the Irving Animal Shelter

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dals just want to have fun

Meet Allie (black and white) and Lucy (liver and white). Brent and Karmen adopted Allie from Fur the Animals and Lucy from a private rescuer in Oklahoma. Both girls were originally in high kill shelters. They have become one big happy family in North Texas. Recently we received these pics of the gals playing with some friends. Doesn't everyone look like they are having fun?

Thank you Brent and Karmen for providing such a fabulous home for both these Dal gals. We just love these happily ever after pictures.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garland is at it again!

Garland is at it again. See the following post by Zandra Anderson at
We've cut and paste from her post for your benefit.


Garland Enacts Breed Specific Legislation Illegally

It was brought to my attention today that Garland has enacted fencing
requirements specific to owners of "pit bull dogs" and "pit bull
crossbreeds." Without debating whether such a breed exists and how they
might be identified, our state law specifically forbids any law being
enacted by a city or a county that targets one breed or several breeds of
dogs. If Garland wants to have fencing laws, they can, as long as the laws
apply to all breeds of dogs.

Calling the law a "directive" does not exempt Garland from our state law,
Section 822.047 of the Texas Health & Safety Code which prohibits breed
specific legislation of any kind. Our state law provides:

Sec. 822.047. LOCAL REGULATION OF DANGEROUS DOGS. A county or municipality

may place additional requirements or restrictions on dangerous dogs if the
requirements or restrictions:
(1) are not specific to one breed or several breeds of dogs; and
(2) are more stringent than restrictions provided by this subchapter.

As you can see above, our state law clearly says that the city can place
"additional requirements or restrictions" for their dangerous dog laws, as
long as they are tougher than state law (can never be less stringent than
state law) and they are "not specific to one breed or several breeds of
dogs." Fencing requirements for "pit bull dogs" is in violations of our
state law.

You are encouraged to let the Garland Mayor and Council know your thoughts
on their enactment of this breed specific law. If you live in Garland, be
sure to say so! The address, email addresses and phone numbers are below.

Here is what the Garland requirements provide:

Fencing Requirement for Pit Bull Dogs

Complete directive language:
Fencing Requirement - Pit Bull Dogs

Fencing Requirement - Pit Bull Dogs (Spanish Version)

News Release sent May 24, 2010
Garland, Texas - May 24, 2010 -- Garland Animal Services is preparing to
enforce new fencing requirements for pit bull dogs or pit bull crossbreeds.
Pit bull dogs or crossbreeds thereof have been responsible for the most dog
bites since statistics have been kept (2004). Additionally, 27% of the dogs

caught while running at large are pit bull dogs. In response to this
growing public safety problem, Garland Animal Services has developed an
ordinance based directive that requires owners of pit bull dogs to maintain
the animals within a six foot fence.

Specifically, the fence must meet the following requirements:

* The fence must be six feet tall, measured from the ground.
* The fence must be constructed of wooden planks at least ½ inch thick
or 11 gage chain link fencing.
* There may be no gaps or openings larger than 2 inches.
* Fencing must be firmly attached to brace posts buried no less than 18
inches deep.
* All gates must have a locking mechanism that keeps the gates securely

These directive requirements become effective August 1, 2010.

Pit bull dog owners are exempt from the aforementioned requirements if their
dogs are properly registered prior to August 1, 2010 and if they maintain
compliance with all applicable Animal Service Ordinances such as the display

of city tags and not allowing the dogs to run at large. Pit bull dogs not
registered prior to August 1, 2010 must be maintained within an enclosure
that meets these requirements. Owners who obtain pit bull dogs after August

1st must consider the cost of fence construction as a cost of owning a pit
bull dog.
Please contact and oppose this ordinance:
Mayor Ronald Jones
Councilmember Doug Athas, District 1
Councilmember Laura Perkins Cox, District 2
Councilmember Preston Edwards, District 3
Councilmember Larry Jeffus, District 4
Councilmember John Willis, District 5
Councilmember Barbara Chick, District 6
Councilmember Rick Williams, District 7
Councilmember Darren Lathen, District 8

Garland City Hall
200 N. 5th Street
Garland, Texas 75040 (this is the snail mail address for the Mayor and all

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wheaton Terrier Named Godfrey

Meet Godfrey, a three to four year old Wheaton Terrier in need of a new start. When Godfrey’s dad died a few months ago, a friend from church tried to find him a home with no real luck. Godfrey sat day after day, month after month at his home waiting for his Dad to return. Dad never returned, and there was no one at home to play with. People came and went with water and food, but life just kept getting worse, and Godfrey was getting lonely. Godfrey was used to being alone because his father travelled all the time, but no one had time to take charge of vetting and rehoming. So, in stepped Gail Whelan, with our whole hearted support.

Godfrey is now at doggie boarding, having a blast. Can you imagine? This is like camp to him. He’s really become attached to a small female. They play quite a bit. In boarding he’s already learned sit (stay….well, not yet!).

Since this guy has not had anyone consistently with him, we really need an adopter (or even a foster) to come forth for this guy ASAP.

Godfrey is great with adults (not sure about children or cats). He gives kisses and asks for more love. He is waggy, friendly. He enjoys his new found doggie friends at boarding too. The friends of his father that were feeding him let us know he is house trained (we don’t know personally, however). Car rides are still very new, so we recommend crating (or having a passenger to love on him) until he learns how much fun it is to cruise in a car.

Godfrey was a bit nervous about new things like groomers and vets, but once he knows who’s in charge, he happily succumbs. Of course he might be a tiny bit stubborn like terriers can be, but we’re not even sure about that yet!

Godfrey hasn’t known walks and other normal dog things, but he is anxious to learn how to be a completely spoiled little fella.
He is neutered and vaccinated and heartworm and parasite free. And, has been started on Heartgard. At around 35 pounds, Godfrey is the perfect sized dog to take on long walks and snuggle with while watching tv and reading a book.

He’s just in need of a forever home to spoil him rotten.

Godfrey has several people trying to help him. Feel free to call me with questions, and CAN Rescue is in charge of the adoption.

Please forward far and wide to quality dog homes. This guy needs to find a home soon, and get some stability.


Siberian in his new home

Remember Connie's five huskies? Well here's Chaos (Now Captain) in his new home all chilled out. Captain really landed a great home. They have another young husky playmate, and all the toys and treats they can possibly handle.

Thanks for providing a great home, Nicole.

And, if you like what you see, we have one more that looks just like Captain with bi-eyes who is around one year old.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Siberian Husky at Irving Animal Shelter

Russell continues to do a fabulous job getting the word out about Irving Animal Shelter animals in need. Meet Olga. She's lost and looking for her owner. But if her owner doesn't come, she will need to find a home fast!

Here's what we know thanks to Russell!

NAME: Olga CAGE NO: 218 ANIMAL ID: 10528496 BREED: Husky SEX: female EST. AGE: 1 year EST. WEIGHT: 40 lbs HEALTH: appears healthy TEMPERAMENT: friendly ADDITIONAL INFO: beautiful blue eyes AVAILABLE DATE: 5/27

If you know someone who's lost their little girl, please help reunite the family. And, if you are interested in fostering or adopting, let us know.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dalmation (Almost a siberian husky)

Hello out there in dogland. The Perkins and Dalmation Rescue of Colorado have been at it again. Meet Lily. How incredibly gorgeous is she! Lily just loves all her foster brothers and sisters. And, she's a big fan of running underneath the stars. If you know anyone in the market for a cute and very friendly and funny Dalmation, make sure to contact Dal Rescue of Colorado.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Siberian Husky Pair Ready for Action

When The Colony received a pair of large husky males surrendered by a family going through a divorce, Metroplex Mutts answered the call. Now we have a really sweet and very vocal pair of huskies looking for a forever home. They have begun a new diet and exercise program to get them into shape. Thankfully, as we know, these guys can drop some pounds fast when properly motivated.

Typical of male huskies, they are quite the love bugs! We know how difficult it is to find someone to take a pair of huskies, but these guys need to catch a break. They are house trained and past the destructive years.

If you know of a foster or adopter, please contact Metroplex Mutts. If you'd like to see these boys, Metroplex Mutts does have events scheduled for as early as this weekend. Let's show our support for this group agreeing to take on a pair of sibes please! Spread the word and stop by and help them too.

Check out Dakota and Kodi and all the dogs with Metroplex Mutts:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

People Care!

Every day we see tons of animals in need, but we also find some awesome stories. Joe Skenesky at Carrollton Animal Services is one of the good guys in Animal Control for sure! He goes way above and beyond to keep his live release rate as high as possible. Wait until you hear this story. It's so amazing. Thanks, Joe for caring enough to save Ms. Candy. AND.... GREAT JOB Operation Kindness! If you are looking to adopt, volunteer, or donate, check out both the City of Carrollton Animal Services and Operation Kindness ( Great job everyone.

Now for the story from Joe:

This little lady we name Candy came into the shelter last week as a stray. She was a very much on the scared side and a little very nippy and if we approached her, she charged at us. Because of her being nippy, and growly we had decided that she was not a candidate for adoption or rescue. She was slated to be euthanized this morning.

Because of her unadoptable status we removed her from the main kennel area to a more isolated and quiet area. Well over to the last few days her demeanor has completely changed, she is now a much nicer lady and looks forward to her daily walks. She has also began allowing us to pet and love on her as much as we can. Though we still were not sure if she had changed enough for a safe rescue.

So this morning as I was taking her to the euthanasia room she came out of her kennel run excited for her walk (not knowing anything else), after stretching for a second or two, for the first time since being here she rolled over on to her back with her tongue hanging out to have her belly rubbed. I put her back into her kennel run and decided that I had to find her a rescue to go to.

She is a about 3-5 years old and very, very matted to the point she may need to be sedated for grooming but I am sure once she is groomed she will be a beautiful lady. She seems to do ok with other dogs, mainly ignores them. When she arrives at a new location she may be scared at first like she was here but once she adjust her true gentle nature pours out of her.

I can hold her until next week, but I would really like to see her go sooner so she can be groomed and finally be able to move with out all those nasty knots holding her back.

If you can help her please let me know. She can only go to a 501c3 rescue agency.

Joe Skenesky
City Of Carrollton Animal Services

Happy beginning: Operation Kindness heard Joe's plea and rescued Candy. She'll be available soon!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product Review: Dog Mat

We're always looking for great looking, durable, easy to wash, comfortable dog beds or mats. Westpaw has a dog mat called ZooRest. It's not cheap, but the dogs love them. They are warm in the winter and cool enough in the summer. The whole pad is washable and dries VERY quickly in the dryer. Washing these blankies every week, we still get one year without fading or getting "smooshed". So if you want dog mats in the middle of your living spaces, check out WestPaw Designs. And they stand up to husky antics. Give us a shout if you have questions, but here are some cuties trying to avoid the camera on their ZooRest dog mats.

We haven't done a price check to see if there is a cheaper place to purchase, but we can check around for sure.

Check these out at

Where does your money go?

Wow! Here's an interesting challenge for HSUS by It's no news to most folks in rescue that HSUS gives virtually no money to all the local rescue groups and humane societies and local shelters. Humane Watch has been letting the public know this past year with full page ads in major newspapers. Humane Watch claims that since HSUS uses the sad shelter dog/cat pics to solicit funds from John Q public, they are basically committing fraud to get folks to give them money. Humane Watch's message is basically: Please give money to your local rescues, shelters and humane societies where your money goes to saving an animal's life. Today, the press release says Humane Watch will take down their website if HSUS gives 50% of their donations to the care of animals.

Makes for interesting reading. How cool would it be if HSUS used even 25 percent of their more than $130 million/year budget for the care and feeding of companion animals. More low cost spay/neuter and education programs would really continue to improve the unwanted pet population. Education programs that included the need to train companion animals, and what it takes financially and time wise to have a pet would also be a great place to spend some of that money!

Finally, in case you don't know... your local Humane Society is not a division of HSUS. If you want your money to go to the care and feeding of animals, give to local rescues, shelters, and humane societies. However, HSUS has many other programs. In fact a substantial amount of the HSUS budget goes to the international humane society efforts. So, just a word to educate yourself to make sure your donations are supporting what interests you!

Happy Reading.

Monday, May 17, 2010

You're Invited!

Looking for a fun way to pass the time? Come celebrate the grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new state-of-the art 9,000-square-foot Carrollton Animal Services and Adoption Center at 2pm on Wednesday, June 2.

The event will feature activities such as a bounce house, door prizes, and free rabies vaccination coupons for the first 75 people. There will also be facility tours showcasing the high efficiency design and green building initiatives used to create an environment ripe for enhancing adoption rates. Children and adults of all ages encouraged to attend this free event; please leave your pets at home.

For more information, check out this link.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happiness is sleeping while humans work

Meet Parker, rescued from a local shelter. At 9:15 AM Parker is still just not ready to get up for the day. It's a dog's life for sure. Thanks to the Perkins for all of their hard work in rescuing and transporting, and for giving a great home to so many of our precious Dals.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Female Siberian Husky at Grand Prairie Animal Shelter

Check out this gorgeous young gal! Whoever is looking for a pretty sibe female needs to mush over to Grand Prairie Animal Shelter and save this gal.

Prairie Paws Adoption Center
972-237-8575 - Option "0"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gorgeous pup needs a forever home

Check out Brody. He's 12 weeks old, with one round of shots. He's definitely a designer dog. Thanks to Gail at he is safe. But, it's time to find a forever home for this cutie. Spread the word. You don't get any better than this little fella.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Low Cost Vaccinations May 15 only

Hey pups and kitties. Here's your chance to capitalize on inexpensive vaccinations sponsored by Animal Allies of Texas. Be healthy and save money! Be sure to bring cash because that's all they are accepting for such great prices.

Dogs $25 (rabies, bordetella, DHLPP)
Cats $20 (rabies, FVRCP) Cats feline leukemia $15
Puppies and kittens: $8 Deworming: $3 Individual shots (FVRCP, rabies, bordetella, DHLPP): $10 Vet reserves the right to refuse treatment to aggressive dogs, or dogs/cats too ill to safely treat.

15 May 2010
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Dallas First Assembly of God Church
11000 East Northwest Highway (between Plano/Lake Highlands and Jupiter)
Dallas, TX 75238

Be sure to keep your shot record!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Beautiful 7 year old siberian female

Here's an em we received today via the grapevine. If you are interested, please drop a comment to us, and we'll get you in touch with the person wanting to rehome this lovely lady!


From: Caleb
Posted At: Thursday, May 06, 2010 3:54 PM
Posted To: Wanted / For Sale
Conversation: Posting for a friend.
Subject: Posting for a friend. Free Husky...

Last chance if anyone wants my friend’s Husky. She is a pure bred Siberian husky, 35 pound, female, approx. 7 years old. We have had her for 5 years but with the many drastic life changes we have had we cannot give her the time or exercise her breed needs. She is miserable and so are we. Will be taking her to city shelter next week unless someone who likes to exercise would like her.



Shila Searching and Others in Need

Do you know a home for Shila?

Shila is a little over a year old and weighs about 40 pounds. She is playful but not hyper and is vocal, but sings very quietly! I believe Shila would do well as a companion dog as long as the other dog was fairly easy going. Probably best for children over 10 just because of her energy level. Shila will need to go to training classes to reach her full potential.

Gail Whelan
Companion Animal Network

In the meantime, here's a list of a few of CAN's new dogs in need of sponsors.

We have had an extraordinary amount of medical bills the past month and we really need financial assistance, as well as foster homes.

TAO - is a pure bred male Shar Pei, 3 years old. He came to us in very bad condition and heavy heartworm infestation. For his safety, we are giving him three immiticide injections and he seems to be doing fairly well. His skin is starting to heal nicely, too. Tao MAY be going to Shar Pei rescue in Virginia. If not, he will need a foster home asap!

MILO - is a Cocker Poodle male - 6 months of age. His owner surrendered him to us because Milo had Parvo (he was never vaccinated). He was in the hospital for a while on IVs and antibiotics and that bill was substantial. MILO NEEDS A FOSTER HOME DESPERATELY. HE IS STILL AT THE VET'S OFFICE.

ROMEO -- Romeo is one of the dogs a co-worker surrendered. He is a 6 yr. old Schnauzer. Romeo was blessed to have a wonderful woman apply to adopt him. He went to her home on Monday night. Tuesday morning she took him to her vet for a complete senior wellness checkup. (We had already had him vaccinated and heartworm tested.) Romeo has a severe urinary tract infection and also has kidney stones. He will need surgery and the estimate is $1000 for this surgery. After being given away by his owner, he now has this obstacle to overcome. PLEASE - any amount is appreciated. We need to reach this goal to schedule his kidney surgery.

UMA - Uma is a little female Chihuahua. She was found on a country road with open wounds. The vet believes she was attacked by another animal. Her injuries are serious, but he does believe she will survive. Many wounds cannot be sutured, so she has drains for now. She will be at the hospital at least another week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Red Male Sibe at Euless Animal Shelter

This handsome fellow needs a home FAST. He's been at the shelter for a couple of weeks and is running out of time. Volunteers report he's probably around 3 and very friendly. He misses his human companionship and fun time.

Please snag him from Euless Animal Shelter right away.

Renting with dogs

I know first hand the difficulty of moving with pets. Two years ago, we had to relocate for work and lived in temporary rental housing for six months. With two Siberian Huskies and a cat, I can't tell you how many times we were turned down. Too bad I didn't have a site like this back then!

Dogs in the City tracks apartments that rent to pet owners. Right now they are focused on the San Francisco Bay area, so pass this along to anyone you know who lives there. If it becomes more popular, hopefully it will spread nationwide!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stella is looking for a home

Meet Stella. Stella was singing her way through a ballad at Arlington Animal Services when Adopt a Husky asked her to join their pack. Now Stella is ready for her forever home. Rarely do we find huskies that will be content as an only, but Stella actually adores her humans more than her dog friends. Of course she would be fine with another male dog as well, as long as her companion knows she is a tad bit of a diva.

Stella loves her walks, snuggling with humans and singing for her supper. Contact Adopt a Husky at if you would like to make Stella part of your pack.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Koda, Happiness Abounds

Do y'all remember the very handsome Koda? Here's an update from his forever family.


Koda is doing so well. He is a happy and secure boy. We broke down and bought a KING SIZE bed. He sleeps in between us on the lower half lol. He no longer is crated at all when I am gone. He is fine in the back room during the day loose with Lexi if I am gone, but does NOT want to be in there if anyone is home. He is affectionate and a great dog. We take a daily nice long walk. He still jumps up on people and gets wired when they first come in to visit, but is settling down a lot.

He does the cutest things that are such puppy behavior, like barking at a small piece of food and tossing it around, and systematically moving the wood pile across the yard one log at a time!

We just love him to pieces.


Thanks to Grace, Koda is living the high life. Woo Woo Woo!