Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where does your money go?

Wow! Here's an interesting challenge for HSUS by It's no news to most folks in rescue that HSUS gives virtually no money to all the local rescue groups and humane societies and local shelters. Humane Watch has been letting the public know this past year with full page ads in major newspapers. Humane Watch claims that since HSUS uses the sad shelter dog/cat pics to solicit funds from John Q public, they are basically committing fraud to get folks to give them money. Humane Watch's message is basically: Please give money to your local rescues, shelters and humane societies where your money goes to saving an animal's life. Today, the press release says Humane Watch will take down their website if HSUS gives 50% of their donations to the care of animals.

Makes for interesting reading. How cool would it be if HSUS used even 25 percent of their more than $130 million/year budget for the care and feeding of companion animals. More low cost spay/neuter and education programs would really continue to improve the unwanted pet population. Education programs that included the need to train companion animals, and what it takes financially and time wise to have a pet would also be a great place to spend some of that money!

Finally, in case you don't know... your local Humane Society is not a division of HSUS. If you want your money to go to the care and feeding of animals, give to local rescues, shelters, and humane societies. However, HSUS has many other programs. In fact a substantial amount of the HSUS budget goes to the international humane society efforts. So, just a word to educate yourself to make sure your donations are supporting what interests you!

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Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'm always trying to share the same information about all of the big 'charity' groups -

There are excellent places to check as to how much actually gets to where it REALLY needs to go!

I've been using this one

Khyra's Mom

Hillary, HSUS said...

Sorry to be jumping into the conversation late, but I wanted to add a couple of thoughts. Shelters and breed rescue groups do really important work and need the support of their communities. I absolutely agree that a person's charitable contributions should support what interests them, and for many people, that's the care of homeless dogs and cats. And as Khyra's Mom says, Charity Navigator is a good resource for evaluating nonprofits.

Before coming to the HSUS, I worked at several shelters, and companion animal issues were definitely my focus. I still feel strongly about those things (e.g. spay/neuter, adoption, reducing euthanasia), but I've realized that animal protection issues such as factory farming and puppy mills and lab animal welfare are also very real and pressing, albeit less visible to the average pet owner. Because of that, I'm glad the HSUS tackles a broad array of issues, both nationally and internationally.

Thanks for the good work that you do.