Monday, May 10, 2010

Shila Searching and Others in Need

Do you know a home for Shila?

Shila is a little over a year old and weighs about 40 pounds. She is playful but not hyper and is vocal, but sings very quietly! I believe Shila would do well as a companion dog as long as the other dog was fairly easy going. Probably best for children over 10 just because of her energy level. Shila will need to go to training classes to reach her full potential.

Gail Whelan
Companion Animal Network

In the meantime, here's a list of a few of CAN's new dogs in need of sponsors.

We have had an extraordinary amount of medical bills the past month and we really need financial assistance, as well as foster homes.

TAO - is a pure bred male Shar Pei, 3 years old. He came to us in very bad condition and heavy heartworm infestation. For his safety, we are giving him three immiticide injections and he seems to be doing fairly well. His skin is starting to heal nicely, too. Tao MAY be going to Shar Pei rescue in Virginia. If not, he will need a foster home asap!

MILO - is a Cocker Poodle male - 6 months of age. His owner surrendered him to us because Milo had Parvo (he was never vaccinated). He was in the hospital for a while on IVs and antibiotics and that bill was substantial. MILO NEEDS A FOSTER HOME DESPERATELY. HE IS STILL AT THE VET'S OFFICE.

ROMEO -- Romeo is one of the dogs a co-worker surrendered. He is a 6 yr. old Schnauzer. Romeo was blessed to have a wonderful woman apply to adopt him. He went to her home on Monday night. Tuesday morning she took him to her vet for a complete senior wellness checkup. (We had already had him vaccinated and heartworm tested.) Romeo has a severe urinary tract infection and also has kidney stones. He will need surgery and the estimate is $1000 for this surgery. After being given away by his owner, he now has this obstacle to overcome. PLEASE - any amount is appreciated. We need to reach this goal to schedule his kidney surgery.

UMA - Uma is a little female Chihuahua. She was found on a country road with open wounds. The vet believes she was attacked by another animal. Her injuries are serious, but he does believe she will survive. Many wounds cannot be sutured, so she has drains for now. She will be at the hospital at least another week.

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