Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Transport needed from East Texas to Houston

Baskin needs a ride to Husky Haven rescue!

If anyone is willing to help with this transport from East Texas to Houston, please contact Pat or me.

Alternatively, if you are coming from East Texas to Dallas, let me know. Henderson is a tad south of I20 so people travelling to Shreveport to Dallas are also a possibility.

Pat from Husky Haven has saved thousands of huskies through the years. She is an absolute husky angel.

Thank you!


Baskin's story, from Pat:
"A couple was suppose to foster the dog for a month while he was recuporation from heartworm treatment. I usually do not use fosters so far away but because of my surgery and wanting to save him (I got him from the SPCA); I made an exception. After two weeks she emailed me they were being evicted from their house and had to be out by Sat. That was last week and we had three days to make arrangements but none could be made so fast. We called the Henderson Animal Control to see if they could help in any way and they offered to care for him for a week to give us time to make arrangements for him. So she dropped him off there with his paperwork. The HAC were very nice and said they would keep him in a quiet place since he was in heartworm treatment. I would just go up there and get him if I could but I just had back surgery and it is about a 7 hr trip. Too much for me right now. So if anyone knows anyone or has any suggestions please let me know. We will pay for the gas. Baskin is a Red and White Siberian Husky and weighs about 55 lbs. He should have a 500 crate with him. I will give more information to anyone that is willing to help.Thanks and you can crosspost to other rescues in Texas in case someone is making the trip this way."

Also available at Arlington...

Sitting at Arlington Animal Shelter with the clock ticking in just a few days are a beautiful young female Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (my neighbor adopted a male that must have been at the same location as he was sunburned too) and a very happy white male husky with brown eyes.

If you aren't familiar with the retriever, she's quite a bit smaller than a golden or lab, but just as friendly and smart. The Husky/GSD is always smiling. He's definitely got some clown in him.

We need some adopters for this guy and gal. Give me a shout if you'd like more information, or contact Arlington Animals Services directly.

Please pass this em far and wide. Someone is going to really thank you for these fun loving dogs!

Thank you!

Two Sibes in Arlington

This lovely white lady will be available on Friday, October 31. She is 48 pounds with blue eyes. Animal ID A09014813.
This handsome black and white boy will be available on November 5th. He is 68 pounds, has blue eyes, and is already neutered. Animal ID A09024466.
Please contact Arlington Animal Services if you are interested.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Meet Festus (aka Scott) from Denton

Festus, aka Scott, landed in the Denton shelter at the spry age of somewhere around 10. The shelter volunteer, Amy, and a sponsor took pity on him and took him to a vet for a full blood panel and check up. The vet said he had the worst ear infection he'd seen in a long time, and his ears are a work in progress right now. He is very hard of hearing probably. Festus has been started on thyroid medication., but otherwise his blood panel was normal. Amy is not at all set up for keeping another dog long term, and someone must step up for Festus ASAP before Amy is forced to return him to the shelter. After all, Festus is only out on loan. The sponsor really wants this dog saved, and is working diligently to find a forever home for this senior designer dog.

Amy reports Festus has really taken to a life indoors with treats, toys and love. He follows her around everywhere. Festus is a great candidate for a senior for seniors program, as he is pretty laid back. Can someone find a friend or neighbor for this fellow?

Amy and the sponsor do so much for rescue. Let's help them get the right result immediately.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy News!

Today has been full of happy news and we thought we'd share it with you.

Remember the pair of huskies at the Denton shelter? They were adopted! Together!

Or what about the handsome guy at Arlington? He was returned to his owner!

Let's all let out a big happy WOOOO!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arlington Animal Shelter Husky

This cute 56-pound husky boy is available at the
Arlington Animal Shelter. He has blue eyes. His animal ID is 8970828. Please call the shelter if you are interested.

Huskies available in Denton

The Denton Animal Shelter has two huskies available.

Hera is a 1-3 year old female. She's very sweet and is good with other dogs. She will be available on October 21.

Thor will also be available on October 21. He's 2-3 years old and is also good with other dogs. Thor and Hera are quite good friends.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Transport Wed East and West.

HELP PLEASE….Three of our FABULOUS rescue partners need some transport help.

We are trying to move a Dalmation from Mesquite Animal Shelter to Kilgore on Wednesday. Are you available?

Also, we are moving a Chow from Lewisville to Arlington Wednesday morning so he can start his journey to Lubbock. Any takers?

Finally, a gal in Oklahoma would like to save a flat coat retriever named Crunch from Dal Animal Shelter any time before Sat afternoon.

With such a horrible summer for the animals, and fall not really giving us a break, I am sooooooo thankful that we still have rescues rescuing dogs. Let's support them!

If you know of anyone, please let me know.

Garland Husky Available

Garland has this female husky available. She is spayed and quite the looker. Please contact the shelter if you are interested in her.

Huskies in Need

Hello everyone. I hope your week is filled with plenty of tail wags and play bows.

In the last two weeks Adopt a Husky has pulled a couple of dogs in need of medical attention. In particular, I'd like to introduce you to Stella, a husky/mal mix about 3 years old. Stella was wooing her heart out to be rescued from the Arlington Animal Shelter. Despite a limp she was quite willing to jump up and say hello to any passer by. Adopt a Husky of Dallas knew she would require significant medical attention, but just couldn't leave her behind. Stella will undergo ACL surgery this week at the Mustang Surgery Center. Now we are happy to report that they were rescue friendly in charging only $1,800 for a surgery that they normally charge $3,500. However, that is a bit more than the Husky Bank is able to pay on its own. Of course, Ms. Stella also has heartworms.

I am also attaching a picture of Zara who was rescued out of Irving. Zara went to the vet this weekend and was diagnosed with pneumonia. This poor little gal who is less than 2 for sure also has heartworms.

To all my friends who receive our email blasts and who visit the Fur the Animals blog, you know we don't generally ask for money for our pack since we are such a small private rescue. However, today the wonderful pack at Adopt a Husky of Dallas (a 501c3) needs a donation infusion.

Many people think that $10 and $20 donations don't make a difference. While we encourage you to give whatever you can, please know that $10/person can end up covering her medical bill.

Please take a moment to send whatever you can to Adopt a Husky for these wonderful gals. At a time when the shelters are flooded with animals, we are doing all we can to find fosters and adopters. Please forward to your friends.

Link to Adopt a Husky Donation Page:

Thank you.


Volunteer, Adopt a Husky of Dallas


P.S. If you have a friend looking for a dog, remember to have them give Fur the Animals a shout. We specialize in matching adopters with dogs in our local shelters and other rescues. If you are looking for a white female sibe, check out Richardson Animal Shelter, Rowlett Animal Shelter and Operation Kindness.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Husky available in North Richland Hills

The North Richland Hills animal shelter has this handsome, neutered husky available for adoption. This guy is active and came in as a stray. The shelter continues to have ongoing space concerns, so if anyone knows of someone who might be interested, please pass this along. The shelter can be reached at 817-427-6570.

Other available animals at North Richland Hills can be seen at their Petfinder site:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Senior Husky at Denton Animal Shelter

There is the sweetest and older Husky mix at the Denton Shelter now. He is so sweet, calm and affectionate. His name is Scott and he was found as a stray. He is very low maintenance. He gets along with all of the other dogs and just loves to lay outside in the cool weather. He will be available to pull on Tuesday. If you are interested please contact Amy at

Pictures are attached and you can view more at: www.denton. petfinder. com.
shelter 1002 026
shelter 1002 023
shelter 1002 025

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Poll

Just for fun, we've put up a poll for the month of October. The question is: Do you dress up your pup for Halloween? The poll is located at the top of the left-hand side bar.

Just to come clean, my two Sibes will be dressing up as football players for Halloween. Our town is having a Trick-or-Treat festival at the town center for kids and pets. So my husband and I will be dressing up as football players too. I ordered us all football jerseys (no pads). Hubby and Steve will be Texas A&M football players and Kat and I will be Oklahoma State football players. I'll have to share pics when we get all dressed up!