Monday, October 19, 2009

Huskies in Need

Hello everyone. I hope your week is filled with plenty of tail wags and play bows.

In the last two weeks Adopt a Husky has pulled a couple of dogs in need of medical attention. In particular, I'd like to introduce you to Stella, a husky/mal mix about 3 years old. Stella was wooing her heart out to be rescued from the Arlington Animal Shelter. Despite a limp she was quite willing to jump up and say hello to any passer by. Adopt a Husky of Dallas knew she would require significant medical attention, but just couldn't leave her behind. Stella will undergo ACL surgery this week at the Mustang Surgery Center. Now we are happy to report that they were rescue friendly in charging only $1,800 for a surgery that they normally charge $3,500. However, that is a bit more than the Husky Bank is able to pay on its own. Of course, Ms. Stella also has heartworms.

I am also attaching a picture of Zara who was rescued out of Irving. Zara went to the vet this weekend and was diagnosed with pneumonia. This poor little gal who is less than 2 for sure also has heartworms.

To all my friends who receive our email blasts and who visit the Fur the Animals blog, you know we don't generally ask for money for our pack since we are such a small private rescue. However, today the wonderful pack at Adopt a Husky of Dallas (a 501c3) needs a donation infusion.

Many people think that $10 and $20 donations don't make a difference. While we encourage you to give whatever you can, please know that $10/person can end up covering her medical bill.

Please take a moment to send whatever you can to Adopt a Husky for these wonderful gals. At a time when the shelters are flooded with animals, we are doing all we can to find fosters and adopters. Please forward to your friends.

Link to Adopt a Husky Donation Page:

Thank you.


Volunteer, Adopt a Husky of Dallas


P.S. If you have a friend looking for a dog, remember to have them give Fur the Animals a shout. We specialize in matching adopters with dogs in our local shelters and other rescues. If you are looking for a white female sibe, check out Richardson Animal Shelter, Rowlett Animal Shelter and Operation Kindness.

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