Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Transport needed from East Texas to Houston

Baskin needs a ride to Husky Haven rescue!

If anyone is willing to help with this transport from East Texas to Houston, please contact Pat or me.

Alternatively, if you are coming from East Texas to Dallas, let me know. Henderson is a tad south of I20 so people travelling to Shreveport to Dallas are also a possibility.

Pat from Husky Haven has saved thousands of huskies through the years. She is an absolute husky angel.

Thank you!


Baskin's story, from Pat:
"A couple was suppose to foster the dog for a month while he was recuporation from heartworm treatment. I usually do not use fosters so far away but because of my surgery and wanting to save him (I got him from the SPCA); I made an exception. After two weeks she emailed me they were being evicted from their house and had to be out by Sat. That was last week and we had three days to make arrangements but none could be made so fast. We called the Henderson Animal Control to see if they could help in any way and they offered to care for him for a week to give us time to make arrangements for him. So she dropped him off there with his paperwork. The HAC were very nice and said they would keep him in a quiet place since he was in heartworm treatment. I would just go up there and get him if I could but I just had back surgery and it is about a 7 hr trip. Too much for me right now. So if anyone knows anyone or has any suggestions please let me know. We will pay for the gas. Baskin is a Red and White Siberian Husky and weighs about 55 lbs. He should have a 500 crate with him. I will give more information to anyone that is willing to help.Thanks and you can crosspost to other rescues in Texas in case someone is making the trip this way."

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