Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ruger Happily Ever After

Remember the GSD, Ruger (see prior post below)? Well, last Saturday he found a wonderful forever home. He is sharing his home with a 5 year old female rescued GSD who even goes to work with her mom. His backyard is at least 1/2 an acre, and that doesn't even include the pool area. Ruger's prayers were answered when someone in our network forwarded his em to this fabulous family.

We couldn't be more excited.

Woo Woo Woo

Two Boys. One Fabulous Opportunity.

For 1.5 years we have spoiled and TRAINED Jefferson Pagoda and Maxwell Smart. Why so long? Well we will NOT separate them!

"The boys", as they are affectionately named, are house trained and obedience trained, and incredibly sweet!

Maxwell and Jefferson need to find a forever home where they can continue to love their humans and be loved.

They are used to having a stay at home parent, and do enjoy chicken, shrimp and buttermilk pancakes.

At 2 to 3 years of age, they are past the wicked stage, and now are the best huskies you could hope to have.

Jefferson would be a tremendous agility dog. Mostly Maxwell is content to lounge around. And, if you love to hear the huskies talk, they will deliver.

If you (or anyone you know) is ready to take on the job of loving, spoiling, walking/running these two beautiful young dogs, please let us know.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Urgent: Two huskies in need

Two huskies have been found. The huskies are microchipped and the owners have been contacted, but does not want the two dogs back. We are looking for foster homes for the pups. No pictures, but here are the details:
Rabies vaccination
One red/gold and white with blue eyes, the other black and white with brown eyes.
Very pretty and friendly dogs

Please contact us if you or someone you know can foster.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet Ruger

Hello everyone.

Check out Ruger. He came out of the Arlington Shelter. One front leg was in such horrible condition, it was removed. But nothing will stop this young fella.RugerjustforDianne.6aNgspr6ZFhF.jpg

He is waggy, friendly, fun loving and a doll. EVERYONE who has met him has commented on what a great temperament he has.
He likes other dogs, and people of course.
He takes treats ever so gently.

Ruger could benefit from a bit of obedience training, but he's a smart boy and will master commands immediately with a respectful, consistent, loving leader. He already knows sit, and actually has fabulous manners considering he's been locked up for months now. RugerFace2.pVMC18flYC1P.jpg

A lot of people have their hands in his rescue. Arlington's shelter vet, Friends of Arlington Animal Shelter and a GSD trainer have all been helping him. I actually just met him to take some photos so we can spread the word. Of course, you know I am a sucker for a large, friendly male GSD or husky!

Ruger is still underweight. With exercise he will get the muscle tone he needs. He's no small GSD, but that just adds to the charm. He is incredibly affectionate and just needs a chance!

Please spread the word in case someone would like to foster or adopt. Ruger is ready to have a loving family to stroll him and play with toys. Rugerisahandsomeboy.Boe677EEczZw.jpg

Thank you for spreading the word! This is how we find great fosters and adopters.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Husky Haven pup needs prayers/donations.

Husky Haven has recently rescued this poor boy. He his five months old and is undergoing treatment. Any donations are welcome. To learn more about Husky Haven, please check out their website.