Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet Ruger

Hello everyone.

Check out Ruger. He came out of the Arlington Shelter. One front leg was in such horrible condition, it was removed. But nothing will stop this young fella.RugerjustforDianne.6aNgspr6ZFhF.jpg

He is waggy, friendly, fun loving and a doll. EVERYONE who has met him has commented on what a great temperament he has.
He likes other dogs, and people of course.
He takes treats ever so gently.

Ruger could benefit from a bit of obedience training, but he's a smart boy and will master commands immediately with a respectful, consistent, loving leader. He already knows sit, and actually has fabulous manners considering he's been locked up for months now. RugerFace2.pVMC18flYC1P.jpg

A lot of people have their hands in his rescue. Arlington's shelter vet, Friends of Arlington Animal Shelter and a GSD trainer have all been helping him. I actually just met him to take some photos so we can spread the word. Of course, you know I am a sucker for a large, friendly male GSD or husky!

Ruger is still underweight. With exercise he will get the muscle tone he needs. He's no small GSD, but that just adds to the charm. He is incredibly affectionate and just needs a chance!

Please spread the word in case someone would like to foster or adopt. Ruger is ready to have a loving family to stroll him and play with toys. Rugerisahandsomeboy.Boe677EEczZw.jpg

Thank you for spreading the word! This is how we find great fosters and adopters.


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Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a handsome khanine!

Paws khrossed fur him to attrakht a pawesome furever furamily!