Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Female husky available in the Austin area

This black and white husky mix is available at the Georgetown Animal Shelter, in the Austin area. She's not more than 1 1/2 to 2 years old. She's already passed her due date, so it's now on a space available basis.
She is a sweet girl, a kisser and loves to cuddle with humans. A bit hyper but on par with a puppy's energy, always on the move so it was hard to get decent pictures. She's in great health condition, doesn't mind handling her all over, ears, mouth, paws...everywhere. She knows basic commands (when she's calm enough to listen).
She will be a great dog to have if you are looking for a love bug that's dying to please you.

Her ID is A030369.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Longview Shelter: Five Owner Surrender Sibes

If you are ready to save some Sibes, check with the Longview Shelter IMMEDIATELY. They just got in 5 owner surrender Siberian huskies. The estimated kill date is set for July 23. The dogs are adults white, black and white and gray and white.

Longview Animal Control
410 South High Street
Longview, TX 75601-7139
(903) 237-1290

Metroplex Mutts Happy Hour


Dallas, Texas July 18, 2010 — Metroplex Mutts, an animal rescue organization, is hosting their
monthly dog friendly happy hour fundraising event at State & Allen Lounge on Tuesday, July 27th from
6:00-8:00 PM. Stage & Allen Lounge is located in the heart of Uptown at 2400 Allen Street, Dallas,
TX 75204.

The cover charge for this event is $10. Tickets may be purchased online at www.metroplexmutts.com,
or at the door. With this donation, guests will enjoy a free appetizer buffet, $2 domestics, $3 wells, $4
wines and a chance to win some great raffle prizes!

Metroplex Mutts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to lowering the number of metroplex
animals euthanized each year. When you adopt a pet through a rescue organization, you save a life.
Every animal deserves a second chance. All fundraising events helps Metroplex Mutts save
animals that would not be saved otherwise.

Join Metroplex Mutts at State & Allen Lounge on Tuesday, July 27th. Meet a few of their adoptable
dogs, and enjoy fabulous food, great drinks and wonderful company while supporting a great cause.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Granbury husky looking for a pre-holiday rescue

This husky needs to be rescue from the Granbury Animal Shelter. The shelter will be closed Saturday through Monday for the holiday and we hope to get this boy out before then. Please pass along to anyone who can help.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gal needs rescue in Garland

Available at the Garland Animal Shelter:This DOG - ID#A138759

I am an unaltered female, black and white Siberian Husky.

My age is unknown.

Garland Animal Shelter:
Abe J. Tuggle Animal Shelter and Adoption Center
600 Tower
Garland, TX 75040
Phone Number 972-205-3570 option #2

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chow Chow Needs Home Home

Meet Woody. When an Animal Control Officer starting pleading for Woody's life we had to take notice. Then when both the vet and the groomer were complementary of his manner we knew we must have a great Chow.

Now, we have pictures to show the world. Behold this one year old neutered male who gives kisses and rolls over to have his tummy rubbed. He is good with other dogs, and just wants to hang out where it's cool.

We need an immediate foster or an adopter for this guy. Woody has charmed everyone who has met him so far. He is polite, curious, intelligent and sweet. Yep....he really is a Chow Chow! No mix in this guy!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, now you have three thousand words to tell you this is ONE GREAT DOG.

Give us a shout to meet Woody.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great Job Metroplex Mutts!

Remember Kodi and Dakota from The Colony Animal Shelter. Metroplex Mutts rushed in with virtually no notice and saved this handsome pair of huskies. We could not be more thrilled to learn that this handsome duo has landed a fabulous new home with a retired military gal. The new human lost her beautiful rottie a few months ago, and went looking for a new dog. Kodi and Dakota's story really touched her, and of course she fell in love with the breed instantly.

Woo Woo Woo to our new sibe fan!!!
Thanks to Trish and everyone at Metroplex Mutts for taking on a pair of five year old huskies. Great job finding a forever home. And many thanks to our new sibe fan!

Be sure to stop by www.metroplexmutts.org and say hello!

Happy Day for Certain.

Woo Woo Woo.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Max loves his new home

A few months ago The Brat Pack let us know that they found a cute little boy named Max. Max had a home that didn't understand huskies, and he was traded from person to person. The Brat's friend found Max roaming the streets. Prior owners were contacted, but they had no interest in retrieving this poor fella who now had a hurt front let. Thankfully these kind citizens took pity on Mr. Max and took him to the vet where his leg was tended to and he even got groomed. Well, he was looking mighty handsome. Thankfully Kate and Bob had put in an application with us, but we hadn't found the perfect match yet. So The Brat's friend and Kate and Bob got together....LOVE at first site. Look at Mr. Max now! I'm thinking they look pretty darn happy. And, that leg is healing great because Mr. Max is already running 3 miles a day with his humans.

Thanks to the Brats, their sister and friend and to Kate and Bob for helping Max find his forever home.

Catch up with the Brats at www.fivehappyhounds.com.

Tail wags.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update Godfrey

Remember this cute Wheaten Terrier? Godfrey found his forever home today. After quite a few inquiries, Companion Animal Network matched Mr. Godfrey with a family that already has a female Wheaten. They have a wonderful backyard with a pool, and quite a dog friendly home. Godfrey walked right into their home and made himself comfortable. One parent is a doctor and usually arrives home by 3:00, and another parent has flexible hours as a yoga instructor. Godfrey must have known immediately that this family loves to love, exercise and play with their dogs. As is many times the case, Godfrey, chose his home. We had several wonderful people interested in this fellow.

Thanks for spreading the word. Congratulations, Godfrey!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Husky Haven Rocks

Pat with Husky Haven has to be the single best Husky rescuer in the South. She takes in so many needy huskies, and makes sure they all find fabulous homes. Pat doesn't cherry pick the huskies, and spends countless hours making sure everyone is completed vetted and prepared for their new home. Pat has been doing this for YEARS. So, naturally, we try to help Husky Haven whenever we can.

Here's a note from Pat we received today:

We are one of the 10 National finalist in the Purina Rally to Rescue contest. Right now Kaylene is in third place. Please read her story and look at her video and vote for her. Also would you please send it out to your contacts everywhere. You can only vote once per computer.


and help Husky Haven win $5000.00 Pro Plan dog food

Husky Haven Inc

Here's a teaser....

Alone, scared and covered with blood, the petite six-month old Siberian Husky lay on the side of the road with a bullet in her face......
Now this dog story has a happy ending, so go read more and vote for Kaylene!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why we love Gayle Justice (UPDATED)

Gayle Justice is a dog trainer in the DFW area. She's been training obedience to agility to mobility service to aggressive dogs for over 25 years. One of her clients called her this morning. A 6 week old pup had been "let" into their yard overnight. When her border collies went out this morning, they found this surprise. Gayle is assisting her clients get this pup into a rescue group. If you know of anyone who may have an interest, let us know.

The story gets better. Gayle and her client are concerned that whoever left the pup in their yard over night may have left others in the neighborhood. So, they are off to look for more pups. In the Texas heat these guys won't last all day without food and water.

Great job Gayle.


Thank you Molly with CCHS for taking this little sweetheart. She is quite the charmer and loves to cuddle. She also thinks the “big dogs” around here are nosy – they have all been checking on her and run to hubby and I if puppy makes a noise. “Quick Mom, she’s yelling!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all for cross posting, little pup will be transported to a great group.


Gayle Justice

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black and white husky in Arlington

This fellow is available at the Arlington Animal Shelter. He weighs 52 pounds and has yet to be neutered. His animal ID is A10648552.
We think he's pretty cute. What do you think?

If interested, please contact Arlington Animal Services at 817-459-5898.

Available at the Garland Shelter

This handsome husky male is available at the Garland Animal Shelter. His ID is A137986. His age is unknown, he hasn't been neutered yet, and as you can see from the picture, he is red and white.

If interested, contact the Garland Animal Services at 972-205-3570 option #2.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gracey--One Lucky Siberian Husky

Meet Gracey. Gracey entered foster care, and after a few months found a WONDERFUL home. Now Gracey has a new sister, a blind setter, and a new farm with longhorns and everything.What a great life these gals are leading. Thank you Ricky and Judy for loving these pups, and providing a wonderful home.

Obesity - It's not just for humans anymore

It's next to impossible to watch the news and not see a story about the obesity crisis in the United States. From rising health care costs to shortened life spans, obesity is impacting Americans across the country. What doesn't make the news as much is pet obesity. Just like for humans, being overweight can cause a lot of problems for pets.

One thing that is hard to remember for a pet owner is just how little weight a pet has to gain to cause a serious health risk. While I can gain 10 pounds and probably not cause a serious increase in my health risks, if my pet gains 10 pounds, that is a 20% weight gain, which could cause serious health impacts.

Not only can keeping your pet at it's ideal weight keep your pet healthy, it can save you money too. A few months ago, when my dog was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia, I was fretting about what medicines he should be on and how much it would cost. The vet told me that the best thing I could do for his long-term joint health was to keep him slim and trim. So essentially, the best treatment option for my dog was FREE!

So you might wonder, how to I keep my pet from gaining weight? As any fan of NBC's The Biggest Loser knows, it all comes down to calories. A new study has been released indicating that just buying your pet a "diet" pet food may not give you the results that you desire. The amount of calories per volume of different brands of food vary by quite a bit. So basically, a cup is not a cup is not a cup! It's important to pay attention to feeding recommendations and measure out your pet's food accordingly.

Don't forget the treats that you give your pet count as calories too! I have been doing a lot of training with one of my dogs, working on her Canine Good Citizen certificate, so I have reduced the amount of food she gets at mealtime to compensate.

Bottom line, if you are concerned that your pet might be overweight, work with your vet to determine your pet's ideal weight and how many calories your pet should consume each day.

A beautiful small dog looking for a home

Please contact Gail at can_rescue@yahoo.com


We have officially named her Corazon ("heart" in Spanish) and call her Cora. She was found in a Sonic, going from car to car searching for her family. She would look up at every driver and wag furiously hoping they would open the door. One Good Samaritan did.

She will be fully vetted before adoption. BUT WE NEED A FOSTER HOME ASAP!!! She is currently playing with a Jack Russell (!!) and another dog, so she is just fine with dogs. Older children would probably be fine. We are told that Cora's coat is like silk and she is as sweet as they come.

Gail F. Whelan

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Low cost spay/neuter - June 22

Mark your calendars! Collin County Animal Services is offering low cost spay and neuter services on June 22nd. If you have a pet who has not been spayed or neutered, now is your opportunity to save some money on the procedure. Spaying or neutering your pet prevents some health risks down the road, so it's a great way to help ensure your pet will live a long, healthy life.

Here are the details:
Drop off your pet between 8-9AM
Pick up your pet between 4-5 PM
Please make an appointment by calling 940-566-5551.

Prices are as follows:
Neuter (male) – $30.00
Spay (female) - $40.00
Feline Vaccines:
Felb- 10.00
Fvrcp- 10.00
Deworm- 5.00
Droncit- 10.00
Neuter (male) under 5o lbs - $40.00, 50-80lbs - $50.00, over 80lbs - $70.00
Spay (female) under 50 lbs - $50.00, 50-80 lbs - $55.00, over 80lbs - $80.00
Canine vaccines:
Rabies vacc- 5.00
Dhlpp- 10.00
Bordatella- 10.00
Hw test- 20.00
Hw preventive- 20.00- 30.00

Please support grass roots rescue and shelters

Here's a bit of interesting reading for you--a detailed report of which local organizations received financial funding from HSUS (Humane Society United States). As a Texan, we received more than sixty percent of the donations at $294,757. I'm not sure why we warranted such a large percentage of the budget, but thank you.


According to Humane Watch (purportedly reporting from HSUS's 990's--we have not done ANY research on this matter), here's how donations to help care/feed animals broke out:

United States Totals
2008 Grants: $439,371
2007 Grants: $2,988,292
2006 Grants: $3,464,632
Total Grants to U.S. Pet Shelters: $6,892,295 (out of $277,009,635 in total spending)

2008's grants are considerably less, despite a budget of over $130 million.

Bottom line: If you are donating to help care and feed the countless unwanted animals in your community, spend your money locally. HSUS has many other programs that may be of interest to you. So, check them out. While you are deciding where to spend your money, you should check out the large percentage of HSUS's budget that goes overseas! Their annual report which includes financial data is available on their website.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What in the world are Doggles?

Learning to wear Doggles? We are trying on Doggles preparing for Summer Fun. Don't we look cool (or maybe silly)?

Check out some fabulous toys (and some sunshades) at www.doggles.com.

Blind Cocker Spaniel is Absolutely Amazing

Dogs just never cease to amaze me. Down in St Petersburg Florida, a blind Cocker Spaniel named Stevie just met the Certification Standards for Human Remains Detection.

Owner/Handler, Marina Casanelles says Stevie has been blind from birth. If you are in the Florida area and want an amazing trainer, check her out.


See Stevie in action during his certification test. Unfortunately, just before he found his body, the video ran out of tape. UGH! Watch the boy work, though. You can tell he's on a mission.

Great job Marina and Stevie.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Siberian Husky--Carrollton UPDATE

Adopted 5/28/10. Thank you Tim for the update!

Available Tuesday and Wednesday only!

Kishkan, an owner surrender landed in Carrollton jail, and needs by close of business Wednesday. Kishkan is a sweet fellow between 2 and 4 years of age. You can find both on Carrollton's Petfinder site.

The shelter will reopen Tuesday. Next EU is Thursday at the shelter opening. Remember the ACO here, Joe S., does so much to get his animals out alive, but they are a small shelter. We need to find these guys homes immediately. Let everyone know!

Joe's em: joe.skenesky@cityofcarrollton.com. Shelter's phone: 972-466-3420

Thank you, Walgreens

On Thursday Walgreens Distribution Center south of Dallas contacted a local rescue representative and donated several pallets of cat food. Gayle Justice is redistributing that cat food to folks in the DFW area today who are actively saving cats. If you need food, let Gayle know immediately. The list of recipients is growing rapidly. gayle@maximumk-9.com

Thank you Gayle for doing the heavy lifting (figuratively and literally) on this project, and for making sure everyone in need gets some of the food.

And for everyone else, please spread the word to thank Walgreens by supporting them in your drug store purchases.

Finally, if you would like to tell Walgreens how wonderful it is that they are supporting grass roots efforts with making cat food available to all the groups who are involved daily in the care, maintenance, and rehoming of cats, check out the contact us on their website:


German Shepherd: One Saved & Another in Need

Another wonderful GSD from Arlington Animal Services has made his way into a great home. Some of you may remember Barnaby. Sweet guy that Friends of Arlington Animal Services helped get to safety and all the way up to Wisconsin where a kind GSD rescue took him in.

Here's what the rescue organization has to say about Barnaby's new home:

He has a great home with a couple (husband and wife) who are dog trainers....

Barn's family includes a sweet little 4 yr old pitbull mix dog (female) named Cookie - exceptionally well trained and behaved! Barn will have his work cut out for him!

The family also has 2 children - a boy, age 5 and girl, age 3. The parents report that Barn has been very sweet to them (as I would have expected).

The family lives in a lovely home in Williams Bay, WI, which is a serene little lakeside hamlet that has become popular as a resort town with affluent Chicagoans.

The adopters *discovered* Barnaby during a pet expo in which we both had exhibitor booths directly opposite one another. Barnaby was our *meet and greeter* that day, and the adopters were very taken with him and how well he held up to all the public attention.

Thanks to Wag Times in Arlington, FAAS, Helen, Dianne, Christine and countless others who got Barnaby to safety. And a big thanks to the adopters and to

Sue at
Rescue A German Shepherd
German Shepherd Rescue Volunteer
Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Great job Sue!

And if you are looking to adopt a GSD in the DFW area, check out Good Shepherd Rescue at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Good-Shepherd-Rescue-of-North-Texas/147408839059?v=info

OR Look up this GSD mix male available NOW at the Irving Animal Shelter

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dals just want to have fun

Meet Allie (black and white) and Lucy (liver and white). Brent and Karmen adopted Allie from Fur the Animals and Lucy from a private rescuer in Oklahoma. Both girls were originally in high kill shelters. They have become one big happy family in North Texas. Recently we received these pics of the gals playing with some friends. Doesn't everyone look like they are having fun?

Thank you Brent and Karmen for providing such a fabulous home for both these Dal gals. We just love these happily ever after pictures.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garland is at it again!

Garland is at it again. See the following post by Zandra Anderson at
We've cut and paste from her post for your benefit.


Garland Enacts Breed Specific Legislation Illegally

It was brought to my attention today that Garland has enacted fencing
requirements specific to owners of "pit bull dogs" and "pit bull
crossbreeds." Without debating whether such a breed exists and how they
might be identified, our state law specifically forbids any law being
enacted by a city or a county that targets one breed or several breeds of
dogs. If Garland wants to have fencing laws, they can, as long as the laws
apply to all breeds of dogs.

Calling the law a "directive" does not exempt Garland from our state law,
Section 822.047 of the Texas Health & Safety Code which prohibits breed
specific legislation of any kind. Our state law provides:

Sec. 822.047. LOCAL REGULATION OF DANGEROUS DOGS. A county or municipality

may place additional requirements or restrictions on dangerous dogs if the
requirements or restrictions:
(1) are not specific to one breed or several breeds of dogs; and
(2) are more stringent than restrictions provided by this subchapter.

As you can see above, our state law clearly says that the city can place
"additional requirements or restrictions" for their dangerous dog laws, as
long as they are tougher than state law (can never be less stringent than
state law) and they are "not specific to one breed or several breeds of
dogs." Fencing requirements for "pit bull dogs" is in violations of our
state law.

You are encouraged to let the Garland Mayor and Council know your thoughts
on their enactment of this breed specific law. If you live in Garland, be
sure to say so! The address, email addresses and phone numbers are below.

Here is what the Garland requirements provide:

Fencing Requirement for Pit Bull Dogs

Complete directive language:
Fencing Requirement - Pit Bull Dogs

Fencing Requirement - Pit Bull Dogs (Spanish Version)

News Release sent May 24, 2010
Garland, Texas - May 24, 2010 -- Garland Animal Services is preparing to
enforce new fencing requirements for pit bull dogs or pit bull crossbreeds.
Pit bull dogs or crossbreeds thereof have been responsible for the most dog
bites since statistics have been kept (2004). Additionally, 27% of the dogs

caught while running at large are pit bull dogs. In response to this
growing public safety problem, Garland Animal Services has developed an
ordinance based directive that requires owners of pit bull dogs to maintain
the animals within a six foot fence.

Specifically, the fence must meet the following requirements:

* The fence must be six feet tall, measured from the ground.
* The fence must be constructed of wooden planks at least ½ inch thick
or 11 gage chain link fencing.
* There may be no gaps or openings larger than 2 inches.
* Fencing must be firmly attached to brace posts buried no less than 18
inches deep.
* All gates must have a locking mechanism that keeps the gates securely

These directive requirements become effective August 1, 2010.

Pit bull dog owners are exempt from the aforementioned requirements if their
dogs are properly registered prior to August 1, 2010 and if they maintain
compliance with all applicable Animal Service Ordinances such as the display

of city tags and not allowing the dogs to run at large. Pit bull dogs not
registered prior to August 1, 2010 must be maintained within an enclosure
that meets these requirements. Owners who obtain pit bull dogs after August

1st must consider the cost of fence construction as a cost of owning a pit
bull dog.
Please contact and oppose this ordinance:
Mayor Ronald Jones

Councilmember Doug Athas, District 1

Councilmember Laura Perkins Cox, District 2

Councilmember Preston Edwards, District 3

Councilmember Larry Jeffus, District 4

Councilmember John Willis, District 5

Councilmember Barbara Chick, District 6

Councilmember Rick Williams, District 7

Councilmember Darren Lathen, District 8

Garland City Hall
200 N. 5th Street
Garland, Texas 75040 (this is the snail mail address for the Mayor and all

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wheaton Terrier Named Godfrey

Meet Godfrey, a three to four year old Wheaton Terrier in need of a new start. When Godfrey’s dad died a few months ago, a friend from church tried to find him a home with no real luck. Godfrey sat day after day, month after month at his home waiting for his Dad to return. Dad never returned, and there was no one at home to play with. People came and went with water and food, but life just kept getting worse, and Godfrey was getting lonely. Godfrey was used to being alone because his father travelled all the time, but no one had time to take charge of vetting and rehoming. So, in stepped Gail Whelan, with our whole hearted support.

Godfrey is now at doggie boarding, having a blast. Can you imagine? This is like camp to him. He’s really become attached to a small female. They play quite a bit. In boarding he’s already learned sit (stay….well, not yet!).

Since this guy has not had anyone consistently with him, we really need an adopter (or even a foster) to come forth for this guy ASAP.

Godfrey is great with adults (not sure about children or cats). He gives kisses and asks for more love. He is waggy, friendly. He enjoys his new found doggie friends at boarding too. The friends of his father that were feeding him let us know he is house trained (we don’t know personally, however). Car rides are still very new, so we recommend crating (or having a passenger to love on him) until he learns how much fun it is to cruise in a car.

Godfrey was a bit nervous about new things like groomers and vets, but once he knows who’s in charge, he happily succumbs. Of course he might be a tiny bit stubborn like terriers can be, but we’re not even sure about that yet!

Godfrey hasn’t known walks and other normal dog things, but he is anxious to learn how to be a completely spoiled little fella.
He is neutered and vaccinated and heartworm and parasite free. And, has been started on Heartgard. At around 35 pounds, Godfrey is the perfect sized dog to take on long walks and snuggle with while watching tv and reading a book.

He’s just in need of a forever home to spoil him rotten.

Godfrey has several people trying to help him. Feel free to call me with questions, and CAN Rescue is in charge of the adoption.

Please forward far and wide to quality dog homes. This guy needs to find a home soon, and get some stability.


Siberian in his new home

Remember Connie's five huskies? Well here's Chaos (Now Captain) in his new home all chilled out. Captain really landed a great home. They have another young husky playmate, and all the toys and treats they can possibly handle.

Thanks for providing a great home, Nicole.

And, if you like what you see, we have one more that looks just like Captain with bi-eyes who is around one year old.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Siberian Husky at Irving Animal Shelter

Russell continues to do a fabulous job getting the word out about Irving Animal Shelter animals in need. Meet Olga. She's lost and looking for her owner. But if her owner doesn't come, she will need to find a home fast!

Here's what we know thanks to Russell!

NAME: Olga CAGE NO: 218 ANIMAL ID: 10528496 BREED: Husky SEX: female EST. AGE: 1 year EST. WEIGHT: 40 lbs HEALTH: appears healthy TEMPERAMENT: friendly ADDITIONAL INFO: beautiful blue eyes AVAILABLE DATE: 5/27

If you know someone who's lost their little girl, please help reunite the family. And, if you are interested in fostering or adopting, let us know.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dalmation (Almost a siberian husky)

Hello out there in dogland. The Perkins and Dalmation Rescue of Colorado have been at it again. Meet Lily. How incredibly gorgeous is she! Lily just loves all her foster brothers and sisters. And, she's a big fan of running underneath the stars. If you know anyone in the market for a cute and very friendly and funny Dalmation, make sure to contact Dal Rescue of Colorado.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Siberian Husky Pair Ready for Action

When The Colony received a pair of large husky males surrendered by a family going through a divorce, Metroplex Mutts answered the call. Now we have a really sweet and very vocal pair of huskies looking for a forever home. They have begun a new diet and exercise program to get them into shape. Thankfully, as we know, these guys can drop some pounds fast when properly motivated.

Typical of male huskies, they are quite the love bugs! We know how difficult it is to find someone to take a pair of huskies, but these guys need to catch a break. They are house trained and past the destructive years.

If you know of a foster or adopter, please contact Metroplex Mutts. If you'd like to see these boys, Metroplex Mutts does have events scheduled for as early as this weekend. Let's show our support for this group agreeing to take on a pair of sibes please! Spread the word and stop by and help them too.

Check out Dakota and Kodi and all the dogs with Metroplex Mutts: