Friday, June 11, 2010

Why we love Gayle Justice (UPDATED)

Gayle Justice is a dog trainer in the DFW area. She's been training obedience to agility to mobility service to aggressive dogs for over 25 years. One of her clients called her this morning. A 6 week old pup had been "let" into their yard overnight. When her border collies went out this morning, they found this surprise. Gayle is assisting her clients get this pup into a rescue group. If you know of anyone who may have an interest, let us know.

The story gets better. Gayle and her client are concerned that whoever left the pup in their yard over night may have left others in the neighborhood. So, they are off to look for more pups. In the Texas heat these guys won't last all day without food and water.

Great job Gayle.


Thank you Molly with CCHS for taking this little sweetheart. She is quite the charmer and loves to cuddle. She also thinks the “big dogs” around here are nosy – they have all been checking on her and run to hubby and I if puppy makes a noise. “Quick Mom, she’s yelling!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all for cross posting, little pup will be transported to a great group.


Gayle Justice

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