Monday, June 21, 2010

Max loves his new home

A few months ago The Brat Pack let us know that they found a cute little boy named Max. Max had a home that didn't understand huskies, and he was traded from person to person. The Brat's friend found Max roaming the streets. Prior owners were contacted, but they had no interest in retrieving this poor fella who now had a hurt front let. Thankfully these kind citizens took pity on Mr. Max and took him to the vet where his leg was tended to and he even got groomed. Well, he was looking mighty handsome. Thankfully Kate and Bob had put in an application with us, but we hadn't found the perfect match yet. So The Brat's friend and Kate and Bob got together....LOVE at first site. Look at Mr. Max now! I'm thinking they look pretty darn happy. And, that leg is healing great because Mr. Max is already running 3 miles a day with his humans.

Thanks to the Brats, their sister and friend and to Kate and Bob for helping Max find his forever home.

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Tail wags.


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Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I don't think he looks khwite spoiled enough ;-)

Thanks to all involved!