Thursday, June 3, 2010

Please support grass roots rescue and shelters

Here's a bit of interesting reading for you--a detailed report of which local organizations received financial funding from HSUS (Humane Society United States). As a Texan, we received more than sixty percent of the donations at $294,757. I'm not sure why we warranted such a large percentage of the budget, but thank you.

According to Humane Watch (purportedly reporting from HSUS's 990's--we have not done ANY research on this matter), here's how donations to help care/feed animals broke out:

United States Totals
2008 Grants: $439,371
2007 Grants: $2,988,292
2006 Grants: $3,464,632
Total Grants to U.S. Pet Shelters: $6,892,295 (out of $277,009,635 in total spending)

2008's grants are considerably less, despite a budget of over $130 million.

Bottom line: If you are donating to help care and feed the countless unwanted animals in your community, spend your money locally. HSUS has many other programs that may be of interest to you. So, check them out. While you are deciding where to spend your money, you should check out the large percentage of HSUS's budget that goes overseas! Their annual report which includes financial data is available on their website.

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