Friday, May 28, 2010

German Shepherd: One Saved & Another in Need

Another wonderful GSD from Arlington Animal Services has made his way into a great home. Some of you may remember Barnaby. Sweet guy that Friends of Arlington Animal Services helped get to safety and all the way up to Wisconsin where a kind GSD rescue took him in.

Here's what the rescue organization has to say about Barnaby's new home:

He has a great home with a couple (husband and wife) who are dog trainers....

Barn's family includes a sweet little 4 yr old pitbull mix dog (female) named Cookie - exceptionally well trained and behaved! Barn will have his work cut out for him!

The family also has 2 children - a boy, age 5 and girl, age 3. The parents report that Barn has been very sweet to them (as I would have expected).

The family lives in a lovely home in Williams Bay, WI, which is a serene little lakeside hamlet that has become popular as a resort town with affluent Chicagoans.

The adopters *discovered* Barnaby during a pet expo in which we both had exhibitor booths directly opposite one another. Barnaby was our *meet and greeter* that day, and the adopters were very taken with him and how well he held up to all the public attention.

Thanks to Wag Times in Arlington, FAAS, Helen, Dianne, Christine and countless others who got Barnaby to safety. And a big thanks to the adopters and to

Sue at
Rescue A German Shepherd
German Shepherd Rescue Volunteer
Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Great job Sue!

And if you are looking to adopt a GSD in the DFW area, check out Good Shepherd Rescue at

OR Look up this GSD mix male available NOW at the Irving Animal Shelter

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Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh how we love happy tales about happy tails!

Paws khrossed fur this new fella in need -

He's khwite the looker!