Thursday, May 20, 2010

People Care!

Every day we see tons of animals in need, but we also find some awesome stories. Joe Skenesky at Carrollton Animal Services is one of the good guys in Animal Control for sure! He goes way above and beyond to keep his live release rate as high as possible. Wait until you hear this story. It's so amazing. Thanks, Joe for caring enough to save Ms. Candy. AND.... GREAT JOB Operation Kindness! If you are looking to adopt, volunteer, or donate, check out both the City of Carrollton Animal Services and Operation Kindness ( Great job everyone.

Now for the story from Joe:

This little lady we name Candy came into the shelter last week as a stray. She was a very much on the scared side and a little very nippy and if we approached her, she charged at us. Because of her being nippy, and growly we had decided that she was not a candidate for adoption or rescue. She was slated to be euthanized this morning.

Because of her unadoptable status we removed her from the main kennel area to a more isolated and quiet area. Well over to the last few days her demeanor has completely changed, she is now a much nicer lady and looks forward to her daily walks. She has also began allowing us to pet and love on her as much as we can. Though we still were not sure if she had changed enough for a safe rescue.

So this morning as I was taking her to the euthanasia room she came out of her kennel run excited for her walk (not knowing anything else), after stretching for a second or two, for the first time since being here she rolled over on to her back with her tongue hanging out to have her belly rubbed. I put her back into her kennel run and decided that I had to find her a rescue to go to.

She is a about 3-5 years old and very, very matted to the point she may need to be sedated for grooming but I am sure once she is groomed she will be a beautiful lady. She seems to do ok with other dogs, mainly ignores them. When she arrives at a new location she may be scared at first like she was here but once she adjust her true gentle nature pours out of her.

I can hold her until next week, but I would really like to see her go sooner so she can be groomed and finally be able to move with out all those nasty knots holding her back.

If you can help her please let me know. She can only go to a 501c3 rescue agency.

Joe Skenesky
City Of Carrollton Animal Services

Happy beginning: Operation Kindness heard Joe's plea and rescued Candy. She'll be available soon!

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Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

She was just scared -

I'm glad someone cared enough for her to still be here -

I look at my passengers each week and wonder if they know how close they came to not -

Thanks for sharing this one!