Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wheaton Terrier Named Godfrey

Meet Godfrey, a three to four year old Wheaton Terrier in need of a new start. When Godfrey’s dad died a few months ago, a friend from church tried to find him a home with no real luck. Godfrey sat day after day, month after month at his home waiting for his Dad to return. Dad never returned, and there was no one at home to play with. People came and went with water and food, but life just kept getting worse, and Godfrey was getting lonely. Godfrey was used to being alone because his father travelled all the time, but no one had time to take charge of vetting and rehoming. So, in stepped Gail Whelan, with our whole hearted support.

Godfrey is now at doggie boarding, having a blast. Can you imagine? This is like camp to him. He’s really become attached to a small female. They play quite a bit. In boarding he’s already learned sit (stay….well, not yet!).

Since this guy has not had anyone consistently with him, we really need an adopter (or even a foster) to come forth for this guy ASAP.

Godfrey is great with adults (not sure about children or cats). He gives kisses and asks for more love. He is waggy, friendly. He enjoys his new found doggie friends at boarding too. The friends of his father that were feeding him let us know he is house trained (we don’t know personally, however). Car rides are still very new, so we recommend crating (or having a passenger to love on him) until he learns how much fun it is to cruise in a car.

Godfrey was a bit nervous about new things like groomers and vets, but once he knows who’s in charge, he happily succumbs. Of course he might be a tiny bit stubborn like terriers can be, but we’re not even sure about that yet!

Godfrey hasn’t known walks and other normal dog things, but he is anxious to learn how to be a completely spoiled little fella.
He is neutered and vaccinated and heartworm and parasite free. And, has been started on Heartgard. At around 35 pounds, Godfrey is the perfect sized dog to take on long walks and snuggle with while watching tv and reading a book.

He’s just in need of a forever home to spoil him rotten.

Godfrey has several people trying to help him. Feel free to call me with questions, and CAN Rescue is in charge of the adoption.

Please forward far and wide to quality dog homes. This guy needs to find a home soon, and get some stability.


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Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Paws khrossed for the is fella!

He so deserves a great furever home after all he's been through!