Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank you, Walgreens

On Thursday Walgreens Distribution Center south of Dallas contacted a local rescue representative and donated several pallets of cat food. Gayle Justice is redistributing that cat food to folks in the DFW area today who are actively saving cats. If you need food, let Gayle know immediately. The list of recipients is growing rapidly.

Thank you Gayle for doing the heavy lifting (figuratively and literally) on this project, and for making sure everyone in need gets some of the food.

And for everyone else, please spread the word to thank Walgreens by supporting them in your drug store purchases.

Finally, if you would like to tell Walgreens how wonderful it is that they are supporting grass roots efforts with making cat food available to all the groups who are involved daily in the care, maintenance, and rehoming of cats, check out the contact us on their website:

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