Monday, August 17, 2009

Arlington Animals Need $2,000 for Food

Arlington feeds everyone the same quality food, and needs your donations through September 30. The food budget was blown 2 months ago because they are trying NOT to kill animals. The number of animals has skyrocketed! So saving the animals means more food!!!! Here's the note directly from the shelter.

We have lots of hungry hounds here at the Arlington Animal Services Center, and they are all on a special diet designed to keep shelter animals as healthy as possible.
Our food donations are down and we still have a lot of hungry little muzzles to feed.
If you would like to help, please contact Nature's Select Pet Food of Ft Worth below:
They will turn any donations into as much dog or cat food as possible under special "Shelter Rates", plus they will deliver it right to the Animal Services Center for you at no additional charge.
You can call 817-491-7224 or email and let them know that you would like to make a donation to Arlington Animal Services. Or, if you live in the Tarrant County or surrounding area, you can go online to their secure website and make a donation.
On the right choose "Online Order" and create an account. Once your account is created, choose the tab that says "Donations" to the far right side of the top bar. From there choose Arlington Animal Services and choose any increment of donation. If you experience any difficulties, call or email them. They will be happy to help you!
And our little ones appreciate it, too!
Thanks for caring about homeless animals!

P.S. If donating on-line, make sure you use a Fort Worth or Arlington zip code when you sign in so you get the right pet food delivery group. You can use 76262. And, make sure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser when donating. The program doesn't seem to appreciate Firefox. Finally, your invoice will have tax on it, but when the credit card goes through, they fix that problem with their system. It's a canned food sales software, so they manually deduct the tax.

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