Friday, August 21, 2009

Nacogdoches shelter needs food after raid

Recently the Nacagdoches shelter population increased by 139 animals after a single raid. Read the story here. The shelter is now in need of food for all the animals. The dogs go through over 100 pounds of food per day.

The shelter has made a deal with Lone Star Feeds. Here's the deal:

Lone Star Feeds here in town has agreed to take credit card donations over the phone for the
Nacogdoches dogs. Because the area the dogs came from is called Kingstown, we set it up in an account called Kingstown dogs. Lone Star's phone number is 936 560 8275 and ask for Linda.

Please support these puppy mill raids as much as your budget allows. We know everyone is asking and everyone is hurting. Even if you give $5 to $10 you are making a big difference!

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Amy said...

Hi I saw you over on Khyra's blog and had to stop by! I have signed up to follow your blog and I think it is great what you are doing to help (even though I have a cat blog, I love doggies too - we just don't have room to have any). Khyra also had a link to your other blog, and I am following that one too! It is nice to meet you!!

Amy & The House of Cats