Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Tails - Koda

Another happy tails post! Hurray! We received this note from Koda’s new family.

I am attaching a few pics of Koda. It's hard to get pics of him because he won't get far enough away from me long enough for me to snap the pic, except when Lexi is present.  The red eyes aren't great-- unfortunately I haven't mastered my digital camera yet. We are doing well.  I am crating him only when I leave...he is still sleeping with us, going for a daily walk, and seems very  happy.  I've thrown a ball more in the last 5 days than in several years ha ha.
I do notice he tends to chew (especially harder food like treats) more on the side with both the upper and lower canine present, but I guess that's okay.  He compensates well. I will pray nothing ever happens to that lower canine on his left side :) 
Hope one of these will work for your blog.  You may want to crop it if you don't want Lexi in it. I'm looking into obedience classes. He is a little wild man on the leash sometimes due to his excitement in exploring, and I find myself or one of Lexi's legs all tangled up.  It's pretty comical, but he was better yesterday.  Practice makes perfect...”


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